The importance of Medical Grade Skincare

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We are faced with thousands of skin care options, making it quite difficult to navigate which brands or products you should be using and why. Many feel confused as to where there should even start. Rest assured, The Skin-Care Specialists at RefineKC Aesthetics did the research so you didn’t have to. So, what is the importance of using medical-grade skin care? Continue reading to find out.

Exclusively Sold to Licensed Professionals
Medical-grade products are sold exclusively to medical practices. This is because they contain ingredients that penetrate below the top layers of the skin, giving a more effective treatment. It is important to note that while some of these products can be found on third-party sites for a lower price tag, they should be purchased directly through a medical professional or practice, such as RefineKC Aesthetics, to guarantee that you are receiving what you are paying for.

Higher Concentration of Active Ingredients
Medical-grade skin care lines often use the same ingredients as pharmaceutical ones that can be obtained with a prescription. A good example of this can be found in ingredients such as retinols, antioxidants, and peptides. Medical grade skincare contains higher concentrations of these medical-grade ingredients that over the counter brands cannot compete with. As mentioned, drugstore brands are not permitted to carry products that include concentrations of active ingredients that cause structural change to the skin.

Compliment your Professional Treatments
Our clients know that visiting RefineKC Aesthetics for professional treatments is a small part of their overall skin care routine. We want to ensure that outside of the spa, you are using products that support results encouraged by these treatments. Think about it, you don’t go to the dentist without making sure to brush and floss daily. This same responsibility can be seen in skin care. We make sure to send you home with recommendations that will compliment your treatments and enhance your overall results. We like to stress the importance of the 80/20 rule. Your results are 20% spa treatments and 80% your at home skincare routine.

Clinically Proven Results
All of the products we carry at RefineKC Aesthetics have research to back up the their efficacy and claims. Before these products are available, many clinical studies are performed to ensure their claims are true and effective.

Brands such as SkinBetter, Revision, ZO, Face Reality and Glytone are some of our favorites when looking to obtain real results. Nevertheless, we always recommend scheduling a skincare consultation with one of our licensed professionals to ensure a comprehensive routine recommendation.

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