Brows + Lashes in Kansas City, MO

RefineKC Aesthetics in Kansas City, MO, offers an extensive range of brow and lash services, each expertly tailored to enhance your natural beauty. At the core of these services is our brow specialist, who Brings over 10 years of experience in perfecting brow designs. Our expertise in brow design ensures that each treatment is a customized experience, leaving you with exceptional results that beautifully highlight your individuality. We are dedicated to providing personalized services that meet every client’s unique beauty needs.

Brow Wax: This service is perfect for creating a clean, defined brow shape. Our brow specialists ensures that the waxing process is both precise and tailored to complement your facial features.

Brow Tint: Ideal for those seeking fuller-looking brows, the brow tinting service adds depth and dimension. The perfect shade is carefully selected to match your natural brow color, enhancing your overall look.

Brow Lamination: This trendy technique is designed to give brows a uniform, full appearance. Our skilled approach ensures that each strand is perfectly aligned, offering a polished and refined look.

Lash Lift: Elevate your lashes with this popular service. The lash lift creates a natural curl, giving the appearance of longer, more voluminous lashes. It’s a great alternative to daily curling and extends the beauty of your natural lashes.

Lash Tinting: To complete your eye-enhancing experience, lash tinting darkens your lashes, adding depth and prominence to your eyes. This service is perfect for those wanting to accentuate their lashes without the use of mascara.


Brow Services: Anyone looking to enhance or define their eyebrow shape. Ideal for sparse, uneven, or lightly colored brows.

Lash Services: Suitable for those seeking to accentuate their natural lashes. Great for individuals with straight or light-colored lashes.

Results of brow and lash services are typically visible immediately after the treatment.

Brow Treatments: Typically, 4-6 weeks, depending on the individual’s hair growth cycle.

Lash Lift and Tint: Usually lasts 6-8 weeks, aligning with the natural lash growth cycle.

Minimal to no downtime. Some might experience slight redness or irritation immediately after the treatment, which usually subsides within a few hours.

Before: Arrive with a clean face; avoid using creams or makeup on brows or lashes.

After: Avoid water and steam on the treated area for 24 hours. Refrain from using oil-based products around the area to prolong results.

A comfortable, relatively quick process. Brow treatments involve shaping and tinting, while lash services include lifting and tinting. Gentle handling and precision are key aspects of the experience.

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